Monday, March 8, 2010

Story of Learning

My goal to transition to grade 6 is to try to solve the problem before ask someone for a help. It is good to ask someone for a help but I think I should think more before I ask for a help.

For reading I think I'm not good at discussing after reading a book and don't remember it when it's my turn to discuss. That is because I'm reading too fast and forget to remember the story. So my goal is to try to read more slowly and understand the story rather than reading it quickly and not understanding.

For writing I think my sentences are boring, like there are not many adjectives and adverbs. So the story that I wrote is boring and no one would like it. So my goal is to use more interesting adjectives and adverbs so that everyone would like to read my stories and sentences.

For math I think I haven't improved... especially fractions. I am not good at fractions I think it's because don't like it so I don't try to be good and I just ask someone for a help even though I haven't tried it yet and it's same as percentages. So I will try to solve the question more correctly by myself that I don't like, for example... multiplying and dividing fractions, making percentage to fractions and simplifying the fractions.